I am an Intuitive Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, an Entrepreneur, and a phenomenal Bodyworker.  I have been on this alternative wellness path for over 15 years, professionally, while living it for my entire life! Learning that I was an intuitive empath changed everything for me! I do not coach or work with you from a checklist, I do it from an intuitive, internal thermostat of empathy, compassion and acknowledgment of your ability to grow beyond seemed limitations.  

My greatest passion in life is getting to work with people to step into their authentic and radiant self, allowing the most ideal to manifest.  I love watching people go from surviving to thriving.  I am highly attuned to guidance that channels through me. I denied it for many years, only to be reminded of the work that I know I meant to do.

Life is a beautiful and abundant place to be, if we choose to leave all the garbage at the curb. I have learned through experience that a life that is well lived is one of healthy habits, an abundant mindset and maintaining a peaceful inner being. We must make the decision to let go of the bad to step into the good!  

I earned a Certificate as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach.  I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and practiced with many master level practitioners such as, Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Deepak Chopra, Dr Mark Hyman, and David Wolfe just to name a few.

I hold a Certificate of Transformational Hypnotherapy Therapy.  I attended the Center of Transformational Hypnotherapy, which provided a wide range of techniques for tapping into the subconscious mind, where true shifts take place, in the healing and growth arena of life.  I do not use this as a quick fix, like many, but felt incredibly blessed for the opportunity to go deeper into the psyche of human consciousness.

I studies over 100 dietary theories and learned so much about the most innovative coaching techniques to help you achieve your greatest life. The education I received was priceless and I use it daily, with clients, friends and family, and myself! I am in a constant state of self growth. As an intuitive empath, I am able to see more, feel more and know more, as we work together to allow for your greatest growth to come forth.

  I am a master of universal high vibrational existence.

 I know what it is like to feel different, to be more sensitive, to wonder why you feel the way you do, to question if you should feel different than others, and I know that struggle that can take place if you are trying to deny the feelings that surface!  Life is moving incredibly fast and its a common theme for people to know that they are not in alignment with their greatest good.  I felt that way for years! 

After losing my father at 5, and having direct contact with his spirit, my whole life took form. Life became a very deep and mysterious experience for me. I believe that that very experience lead me to who I am today. This is an example of learning from our pains and letting them teach us, instead of torture us.

I have been privilege to a connection to the divine universal energy and I allow this presence to work through me.  I know things, I feel them in the core of my being, and I trust this inner wisdom more than anything else in this world.  This alone makes me confident in my ability to help others tune into their own intuitive truths.

 Growing up, my mother was a pioneer in the natural/organic foods movement and practiced spirituality, opening me up to awarenesses I may not have had otherwise.  This was the next step in my evolution in life. I believe what we feed our minds and bodies effects all areas of our lives.  From the above, it is easy to consider that my passions and purpose driven life was driven by desires to know more, to feel my best, and to understand what this life we are living is truly all about.

I feel deeply that I have been led on this path, and I feel so grateful to share and inspire others to find this truth within themselves to create their absolute greatest life. I have found my purpose and passion. I continue to manifest an amazing life, by my design!

I am educated in Integrative Nutrition Coaching, Transformational Hypnotherapy, Massage, Energy Work, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique(tapping), Essential Oils, Crystals, Healing Arts and the list goes on.

As an intuit and coach, I feel deeply that I am able to help you reach your potential. I have learned that once we are living a centered and intuitive life, everything else falls into place.

Our eating, our exercise, our relationships to ourselves and others, our careers, our goals, our money, our home, and all the other gorgeous experiences of life begin to just harmonize with our greatest potential.                                                                                   


I can tell you, my life is amazing. I can tell you, yours can be, too. When you are ready to shift, you are ready.  No other way to reach your ideal world than to make a decision that life is meant to be more. Hiring a coach is a powerful affirmation to the universe that you are ready!!! 

Angela and her English Labrador, Woodward.


Inspiration ~ Intuition ~ Empowerment ~ Influence ~ Intention ~ Decision