Working With Me

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching 

My programs are a game changer for your life! My core desire is to help you live better! Isn’t that the key? 

I believe that lifestyle is key.  Nutrition is number One, but there are so many facets to truly showing up and taking charge of your mind, your body and your spirit to experience and express your greatest self.  I offer a holistic approach and I know that my plan works!

If you’re you ready to change your life,  if you’re you ready to take the next step towards the person you know you are meant to be, and if you are ready to stop selling yourself short, we can create a program designed around your personal needs. This is about lifestyle, your lifestyle!  It’s about every day, every moment, every experience aligning with your well being and highest frequency!

We will look at several areas of your life and make changes, together, as you see worthy!

Is it your intuitive gifts you would like to enhance and understand?

Is it your overall health that you want to improve?

Is it your relationship to your body you want to experience as loving and appreciation?

Is it your feelings of life running you, instead of you running it?

Is it more purpose and passion you desire to feel and experience?

Is it emotional or physical trauma that you want to finally let go of?

Is it your energy you want to create more of, through diet, lifestyle habits and mindset?

We begin every program with a consultation to make sure that we are a fit.  I have faith in your ability to bring forth whatever it is in this life that you truly desire! We look at misconceptions you may be holding about lifestyle changes.  I give insight into how to adopt these new habits and practices into practical daily living.  I want you to know that you can master your life, as it is meant to be. No client is ever given the same protocol, that would not be an intuitive lifestyle shift!  We tailor it to you, for you! This is all about helping you build the habits that build the life you want! I believe in your potential.

We make simple and clear changes that work!

My programs can be:

  • Individual Sessions
  • 3 Month Sessions
  • 6 Month Sessions
  • Group Sessions

*I see clients in person, Skype or FaceTime, or phone sessions. 

Intuitive Body Work Session

My bodywork sessions are never the same.  As an intuit, your body will speak to me, letting me know what needs to be taken care of. Make no mistake, we will create balance in your body, peace in your mind and settle your beautiful soul to bring a feeling of balance and overall peace.

Some times we work energetically, and other times we work with more emphasis on the physical body.  Every session is guaranteed to bring relief.   I offer an undoubtedly unique experience on my table.  I align your energy and your I am very confident of my 16 years experience to work out stagnation that is often not found in sessions with other therapists.

  • One Hour Sessions
  • One & A Half Hour Sessions

Holistic Wellness Workshops

  • I host several Health, Wellness and Lifestyle themed Workshops.  I can also come to your space and hold one for your group!
  • I speak on Metaphysic, Nutrition and overall Holistic Health.

Motivational/Inspirational Speaking 

  • I offer talks on Metaphysics, Holistic Nutrition,  Manifesting, Personal Empowerment, and other Life Changing Topics! If you are wanting more information, email me! I’ll get right back with you!


  • I will be posting the specifics and costs, soon!  I am SOOO Excited!


Step into health, happiness and highest of potentials!

  • Relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation
  • Guided Visualization
  • High Frequency Lifestyle
  • Low Of Attraction
  • Lifestyle Makeovers
  • Exercise
  • Manifesting
  • Intentions and Goals
  • Awareness
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Past Life Regression
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Bodywork
  • Essential Oil Therapy
  • Health Workshops
  • Group Health Programs
  • Corporate Wellness Training

Any questions you may have are relevant and I would love to hear from you! You are important to me. Connection and communication are important to me.  Reach out and ask!!!