“When I first met Angela, I sensed the spirit of a wild and galloping mustang, even as she stood before me, serene and patient. She welcomed me into her sacred space and gave me the gift of undivided attention, immediate presence and intuitive healing. As I wrestled with a sudden and acute illness that had rendered me helpless, and bewildered at the betrayal of my body, she aligned all those broken pieces and helped put me back together. She is fiercely Independent and loyal – all her divine energy is concentrated on bringing us back to center, taking us on a journey to find our own peace of mind. Her voice, her beliefs and her teaching are without regard for the pressures of the world and in a time where much of what we are told must be questioned, she speaks the language of Truth. The gift of working with Angela goes beyond spirit, beyond physical, beyond a troubled mind. She is a Sanctuary. We are blessed to know her. “

Catherine G.


“I’ve been working on my spiritual and physical wellness for years now and working with Angela has changed my entire life.
As a coach myself, I am always looking for an elevated mindset and broad awareness that can meet me where I am and help take me to a more elevated level. Angela has easily been the mentor I was looking for. Her influence has helped me lose over 11 pounds, become energetically aligned, and has assisted me with preparing my daughter for the treatment of her Hodgkins lymphoma that has improved her overall physical wellness and her spiritual grounding. Words won’t accurately describe her ability and her insight- she’ll challenge you and support you in the most authentic way possible that will meet you where you are with the intentions of taking you higher, always. I would recommend Angela to anyone serious about become lighter, brighter and more connected to their total lives!”
Allison M.
Leadership Coach/Real Estate


“I was looking for a mentor, a spiritual teacher, someone who could assist me in healing my spirit from past mis creations. I needed a guide to help me release negative energy from my past and present, someone safe to assist me in releasing blocks in my energy, and help to clear my energy.  I feel the time that we had together was sacred. It allowed for great healing. With Angela, I learned to love myself just the way I am. I learned that I am perfect in every way, just the way that I am. I learned that each person has their own truth. There is no right or wrong in this world, there just “is”.  I obtained the tools help me follow “MY Truth” and truth this path I am on. She believe in High Consciousness and shares teachings to help actualize set awareness and healing.  Each session builds upon itself, the growth just naturally comes. Angela does not dwell on the past, or try to have you relive your past as a the way to healing. She understands and honors the sacredness of your story, but teaches that it is just your “story” that has been created and you can change it, as the past no longer exists.  Her focus is on moving forwardly focusing on where we are in the present.  Her Authenticity is contagious. Undoubtedly, I would recommend Angela! You never feel pressured to share more than your comfortable with and she allows you to set the boundaries of the sessions. She reveals herself in such a loving, caring and accepting way. You leave each session feeling empowered and stronger that the last.  She is perfect.”

Cary A.


“I first met Angela back in 20__ just after I had pulled a muscle in my back and could barely move.  Angela got me up in running in no time.  Prior to meeting her I’d been looking for an alternative to the chiropractor because that course of treatment was no longer working for me.  Shortly thereafter I started to see her on a regular basic which really made a difference in this over 50 years old’s ability to workout at a fairly advanced level.   I choose to work with her because she’s an amazing healer,  9 years later I’m still working with her and looking forward to learning from her.
Angela is different because she’s the real deal! Yes, I know it sounds hokey but please allow me to explain.  The body work that she does is effective and lasting.  I’m one of those professionals who sits at my desk in front of a computer for 8 hours a day which we know is damaging to the body.  In all of my years working with her I’ve never had any pain issues like some of my peers because of Angela. I’m not planning on retiring soon and will continue to push hard in my workouts…all things that would be increasingly difficult without Angela’s care.
The greatest benefit to working with Angela is that she introduces me to and teaches me about things that I’d never had known about except for her telling me.  This knowledge has improved my life and the life of my children whether it’s body work, life coaching, nutrition or any of the numerous healing methods she’s familiar with and practices. When it comes to finding a guide to healing she’s the one you want in your corner because of her immense knowledge and her sincere desire to share it with her clients.  Angela is one of the good ones, she has a kind, sweet, and generous heart and soul.  
Without hesitation, I recommend seeing Angela!
Angela is truly gifted in all of the healing arts.  She has literally changed my life and I am forever thankful that I met her.”
Janet K.
Attorney/Bank Legal Executive


“Honestly, my Intuition told me to work with Angela. I was drawn to Angela the moment I saw her while out to dinner.  We sat near each other and I just couldn’t resist the urge to say hello and chat with her. Within a week I had scheduled my first appointment.  At the time I had no idea what I had ‘scheduled’ to do with her! Looking back on that chance meeting I realize that during the brief conversation – I felt heard. At the time I was a very stressed out wife and mom and had not felt truly heard in a very long time. I can’t pick one thing that has been the greatest take away, as its all been perfect for me. Our weekly meetings are one of the highlights of my week. Every single time I walk out of our coaching session, I am full of energy and a renewed sense of self! Angela has been working with me for well over a year now and honestly she just amazing! She listens, guides, and encourages me on My journey. I am not learning how to be more like her – I am learning how to be the best version of Kristen. It is an incredible feeling working with someone as authentic and honest as Angela. I have worked with traditional therapist in the past and what was missing for me was the human interaction. If you truly are looking for a positive shift in your life for – Angela is definitely the right person to work with.” 

Kristen T.

Artist/Yoga Teacher


“For 35 years I have worked with a variety of body workers and energy practitioners. The work that Angela does is like nothing that I have ever experienced before. First, is the space that she has created for you, the room and ambience.  Just walking into her room begins the experience with a glowing fireplace, candles, music, water flowing and aromatherapy.  Angela is very receptive and intuitive to providing what it is you seek.  If it is deep or superficial body work, energy work that your heart, body, soul needs, she is able to listen and respond with amazing gentle, yet undeniable attunement. As a career trauma therapist, I feel confident in referring clients to Angela whose bodies and minds hold many years of pain and trauma not yet released, often not even recognized.  She knows and respects the importance of solid boundaries as she provides a safe environment for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  The only thing I would ever consider changing about Angela would be to have her as my friend, my counsel, my sister, or my mother in my life everyday.”

Jerilyn R.

Social Worker/Trauma Specialist


“Since seeing Angela, I am in less pain and my physical body feels stronger, lighter and more at ease. Emotionally, I feel relieved, calmed and uplifted.  Much grief has been released. So much fear I had has dissipated.  I laugh more, I feel less alone, and I feel so much more hopeful in my life.  Spiritually, I feel alive again and connected to the Universe.  Its hard to put into words what Angela’s work does. My whole sense of self and experiences of being alive has shifted to a more positive and grateful perspective.  My body and mind feel so much better and I am relying on less medications.  Emotionally I have not ever been moved the way I am with Angela.  I have never experienced true spiritual healing until working with Angela. It is a very powerful experience to work with Angela.  Angela is very sensitive to the clients needs, wishes, and limitations.  I believe that Angela is a gifted healer, holding unique energy that has changed my life. I am so grateful to have found and worked with Angela. Angela  knows how to accept people where they are, she does not push or pressure, as she respects people and their personal process of the journey. She will nudge and guide you in perfect timing.  I would pay her more money than she asks as I feel like her work has been priceless in my life.  I hope that her life rewards her for all that she gives to her clients. ”

Diane T.